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Migrate to CMOS or stay with CCD?
We support you in finding the best option for your project.

Sony CCD Sensors - Last-Time Buy Period starts now!

Last-Time Buy period for all Sony CCD-based sensors is ending soon. As a result,  Allied Vision is formally discontinuing all camera models associated with the affected sensors. The affected cameras include models from the Mako, Manta, Prosilica GT, Prosilica GC, Prosilica GS, Guppy, Guppy Pro, and Stingray camera series.

What does this mean for your projects based on CCD cameras?

Do you need to stay with your CCD-based design?

We understand that changing the sensor in your application or product might not be an option for you at this time. Therefore, Allied Vision is pleased to announce the initiation of a Last-Time Buy (LTB) period, effective immediately, followed by a subsequent Last-Time Delivery (LTD) phase.

  • We support you in producing and selling your CCD-based products and providing a reliable supply.
  • You can place an order for LTB cameras from Allied Vision
    until August 31, 2024 (Last-Time-Buy).
  • We guarantee delivery of your LTB cameras on order
    until August 31, 2026 (Last-Time-Delivery).


Secure your CCD camera!

Is it time to migrate to CMOS sensor based solutions?

If you are contemplating a migration from CCD sensors to CMOS, Allied Vision has the most comprehensive portfolio of sensors, interfaces, wavelengths and configurations. With our excellent manufacturing capability, support and technical expertise, we help you find the best option for your requirements.

Read the whitepaper and learn more about the differences between CCD and CMOS Sensor technology.


  • We help you identify the ideal sensor to replace your current CCD
  • Being part of TKH Vision,  Allied Vision can offer customers a broad sensor portfolio, including every generation of SONY IMX sensors.
  • With 6 different interfaces, various lens mount and housing options our Alvium platform ensures maximum freedom in system design.
  • Migration to our new Alvium platform is painless, and offers you the newest platform on the market.  Alvium is designed to deliver maximum value and performance for the next decade and beyond. 
  • Our future-proof Alvium camera series is equipped with a comprehensive feature set and industry standard hardware. With their exceptionally compact form factor, Alvium cameras are the best choice to replace your CCD camera.


Get support for migration

Find the best option for your project

Contact our sales team to explore options such as Last-Time Buy or potential migration to our future-proof platforms.  We will be happy to support you with guidance, long-term delivery or high performance Alvium cameras.

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