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Alvium FP3

Robust CSI-2 based Alvium cameras for long cable solutions.

Alvium FP3: Benefit from greater flexibility in cable lengths

Robust CSI-2 based Alvium cameras with FPD-Link III interface

Alvium FP3 cameras with FPD-Link III (Flat Panel Display Link) interface have been designed to overcome the limitations of standard CSI- 2 cameras. The closed housing CSI-2 based cameras come with integrated serializer and a rugged coaxial-based FAKRA connector for thin coax cables. With Alvium FP3, cable length up to 15 meters are possible. The coax cable can also been used to power the camera (Power over coax) enabling a single cable solution.

Benefits at a glance

Alvium FP3 cameras come with 2 GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Output) on the camera which can be used either via the coax cable or the
separate I/O connector. Benefit from more flexibility in system setups.

  • Large choice of high-quality sensors
  • Full electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance
  • Rugged coaxial-based FAKRA connector
  • Resitance against shock and vibrations
  • Fast and low overhead image transmission on embedded systems
  • Multi camera friendly
  • Deserializer boards for FPD-Link III available
  • Thin coax cables with different lengths 5, 10, 15 m available


  • Resolutions: up to 24.6 megapixels
  • Sensor: CMOS global and rolling shutter sensors from Sony
  • Frame rates: up to 499 frames per second
  • Housing options: Closed housing
  • Lens mount options: C-Mount, CS-Mount, or S-Mount
  • Image colors: Monochrome, Color
  • Spectral sensitivity: from ultraviolet (UV) to shortwave infrafred (SWIR)

The CSI-2 based closed housing cameras come with integrated serializer and a rugged widely supported coaxial-based FAKRA connector for thin coax cables. FAKRA coaxial connectors enable a robust connection. For use in harsh environments or dust-sensitive applications a IP68 rated version is also available.

The right accessories for every application

The Alvium FP3 camera series can be equipped with several accessories. Click the button below to see compatible lenses, interface and I/O connections, and tripod adapters.

Perfectly connected – thanks to powerful software

To operate Alvium FP3 cameras on your vision system, Allied Vision provides different access modes:

  • GenICam for CSI-2 Access
    controls the camera by GenICam features, using the Alvium CSI-2 driver and CSI-2 transport layer (TL) directly.

Open-source CSI-2 drivers are available on GitHub for different boards and system on chips (SoCs).

Download sources from Github

The GenICam for CSI-2 Access has been validated so far for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier and Xavier NX (Nano and TX2 NX Beta available).
The Vimba SDK, including CSI-2 TL, is available for download.

Download Vimba

  • Direct Register Access (DRA)
    to control the cameras via registers for advanced users.

Learn about Alvium control registers

  • Video4Linux2 Access
    allows to control the cameras via:

- V4L2 API

- Allied Vision V4L2 Viewer

- Frameworks like GStreamer and OpenCV

Open-source CSI-2 drivers are available on GitHub for different boards and system on chips (SoCs).

Download sources from GitHub