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Recommended camera accessories

Allied Vision approved machine vision accessories have been selected by our experts to deliver best possible image quality to your application with the greatest possible reliability. Our technicians and engineers conduct extensive tests with accessories such as lenses and interface cables in combination with our cameras. That way, we can recommend the best possible accessories and ensure maximal performance of your Allied Vision camera.

For small pixel sizes

Allied Vision C-Mount lenses

A clever camera needs suitable accessories. First and foremost, a camera application depends on the quality of the lens. Allied Vision offers two series of own C-Mount lenses. They are optimized for Alvium cameras featuring Sony’s 4th generation IMX sensors and their small pixel size.

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For space-saving solutions

Allied Vision S-Mount lenses

When it comes to saving space, whether it's for robotics, the automotive industry or precision manufacturing such as pharmaceuticals, you are well equipped with our S-Mount lenses. With focal length values from 2.97 mm to 12 mm and a housing option to match, we offer the perfect combination for space-saving camera solutions.

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