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Bonito PRO

High-speed imaging

Bonito PRO is a robust industrial camera.
Benefit from high-resolution imaging at high frame rates!

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Speed up your high-resolution application

Robust high-bandwidth camera series

Bonito PRO is Allied Vision’s high-bandwidth camera series with a CoaXPress interface. Equipped with four DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors the camera is capable to transmit 25 Gbps via four CXP-6 high-speed connections. Bonito PRO features a rugged, fanless housing design, and powerful feature set – making it the ideal choice for high-definition imaging applications that require high throughput, robustness, and system design-in flexibility.

Benefits at a glance

Bonito PRO is a robust industrial camera. Benefit from high-resolution imaging at high frame rates!

  • High-bandwidth camera: providing high-resolution imaging at high frame rates

  • Robust and heat dissipation optimized design for industrial imaging

  • Extended feature set including  Sequencer Control and Multiple Regions of Interest to support advanced imaging applications

  • On-board Defect Pixel and 2D Fixed Pattern Noise Correction for improvded image quality

  • Single cable solution using Trigger and Power over CoaXPress

  • NIR variants available: Offering  increased sensitivity over the whole visible and near-infrared spectral range

  • Optionally also available without sensor glass (removed cover glass – RCG variant) for optimal image quality in the field of laser analysis applications


  • Resolutions: 26 megapixel resolution
  • Sensor: ON Semi PYTHON 25K global shutter CMOS sensor
  • Frame rates: 80 frames per second
  • Housing options: Rugged, precision-machined 6061 aluminum housing with premium anodized coating in fanless design
  • Lens mount options: DF-Mount, EF-Mount, M42-Mount, M58-Mount including planarity adjusted mount options
  • Image colors: Monochrome, color, and near-infrared (NIR)

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Fast quad-lane CoaXPress 6 data transfer

Bonito PRO is Allied Vision's high bandwidth camera series. Equipped with the popular PYTHON 25K sensor from ON Semi, Bonito PRO delivers 25Gbps high-speed performance. This allows for high throughput image transfer over a distance of up to 40 meters (130 feet), four time that of Camera Link.
Compliance both the CXP-6 and GenICam standards allows for seamless integration into your vision system with support for the many popular frame grabbers and their SDKs.

The right accessories for every application

The Bonito PRO camera series can be equipped with several accessories.


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Flexible connectivity – connect via the frame grabber SDK

Did you know that you can control your Bonito PRO camera via the frame grabber GenICam browser or SDK? Allied Vision designed and built the Bonito PRO camera to address the needs of customers who needed a high-speed interface for their applications and provided the flexibility to use existing SDKs. CoaXPress is a well-defined standard managed by the JIIA and supported by both the AIA and EMVA with support for GenICam v2.3.1 or higher and SFNC v2.0 or higher.