Nerian Karmin3

3D Depth Camera for easy use with SceneScan stereo vision sensor

Karmin3 enables highly accurate distance measurements even in bright ambient light and over long distances

Nerian Karmin3 - Perfect synchronization with SceneScan

3D depth measurement at near range

Nerian Karmin3 3D Stereo Camera is available with three different baseline distances in order to meet the various measurement requirements. The camera has been especially developed for easy use with the Nerian SceneScan stereo vision sensor. In combination with SceneScan, Karmin3 becomes a fully featured 3D depth camera, which enables highly accurate distance measurements even in bright ambient light and over long distances. Therefore Karmin3 camera is only for sale in combination with SceneScan.

Benefits at a glance

The image sensors are triggered by an external trigger signal, which is generated by SceneScan, guaranteeing excellent synchronization.

  • 3-MP Sony Pregius IMX 265 sensor features excellent light sensitivity and a high dynamic range, making Karmin3 particularly suitable for demanding lighting conditions.

  • Extremely high resolution at best frame rates
  • Housing made of a continuous solid aluminium part, which ensures excellent mechanical stability and a long lasting stable calibration.
  • Wide range of lenses is available allowing precise adjustment of the field of view
  • With standard lenses, aperture angles between 25° and 90° are possible. Depending on the application, even larger or smaller angles can be achieved with special lenses. 
  • Stereo baseline distance: 5 cm / 10 cm / 25 cm
  • Sensor format: monochrome or color
  • Max. resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • Max. disparity: 256 pixels
  • Max. frame rate (mono/color): 55 fps

Fields of application

  • Applications with demanding lighting conditions
  • Measuring moving objects.
  • 3D depth measurement from a minimum measuring distance of 0.1 m
  • 3D depth measurement at long range
  • Only in combination with Nerian SceneScan
  • and many more

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