Alvium G1

The GigE Vision refresh

Alvium G1 provides the highest image quality in a future-proof package.
Benefit from a rich feature set and a highly flexible platform!

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Alvium G1 – Reliability designed for the future

Compact GigE camera for constant image quality

Alvium G1 is the first GigE Vision camera powered by ALVIUM® Technology, Allied Vision's ASIC chip. It combines the advantages of the established GigE Vision standard with the flexibility of the Alvium platform. In addition to a comprehensive feature set and a broad sensor selection, it offers great versatility. With its very compact housing and industrial standard hardware, it can easily be integrated into any vision system while ensuring long-term availability and reliability.

Benefits at a glance

Comparison: Alvium G1 versus Mako G

Alvium G1 is a small and feature-rich GigE Vision camera. Benefit from the highest image quality in a future-proof package!

  • Reliability: Established GigE Vision standard

  • Future-proof design: Based on latest technology standards ensuring long-term availability

  • Extraordinarily small size: 41 mm × 29 mm × 29 mm (Closed Housing)

  • Various sensors: Select between CMOS sensors from ON Semi and Sony

  • Industrial-grade hardware: With its compact housing and industrial standard hardware, it can easily be integrated into any vision system.

  • Easy upgrade: If your application ever needs a performance boost, you can simply upgrade it with an Alvium G5 camera.


  • Resolution: up to 24.6 megapixels
  • Sensor: CMOS global and rolling shutter sensors from Sony and ON Semi
  • Frame rates: up to 276 frames per second
  • Housing options: Closed Housing
  • Lens mount options: C-Mount, CS-Mount, or S-Mount (M12)
  • Image colors: Monochrome and color (UV, NIR & SWIR coming soon)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C

For demanding temperature requirements 

Thanks to an improved thermal connection inside the camera, Alvium G1 cameras offer an outstanding

operating temperature of -20°C to 65°C.

With a good thermal connection, Alvium G1 cameras guarantee reliable camera operation even at high ambient temperatures.


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The right accessories for every application

We offer various industrial grade accessories to suit your application best. Click the button below to see compatible lenses, interface and I/O connections, and tripod adapters.


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Perfectly connected – thanks to powerful software

Have you heard of Vimba X, our new fully GenICam-compliant  SDK (software development kit)?

Thanks to our in-house software, you can easily integrate our cameras into any system and manage them centrally.

Vimba X runs on Windows 10 and 11, Linux, Linux ARM, and macOS (all 64-bit).
With Vimba X, you can acquire images and control your Allied Vision camera instantly, program complex vision applications, or connect to third-party libraries.


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