Traffic and transportation

With increasing population and economic growth, freight and passenger traffic on road and rail is continuously growing. Despite many investments in infrastructure, the density of cars and trucks is steadily rising. At the same time, there is an ever greater demand for speed, mobility, and safety.

In order to meet these challenges, automated vision-based ITS systems for traffic control and monitoring have emerged as part of the Smart City concept. The cameras not only have to cope with extreme weather conditions and fluctuating light intensity, but must also keep pace with the speed and flood of information.

Smart City, ANPR and Speed Enforcement are markets we will take a closer look at – by clicking on the icon’s below, but there are also other vision based applications can be supported by Alvium Technology such as toll collection, railway inspection and drones.

Typical applications

Toll collection
Railway inspection

Finding the right camera for your application

For more than 30 years, Allied Vision has been helping people to reach their imaging goals. By focusing on what counts for each customer, Allied Vision finds solutions for every application, a practice which has made Allied Vision one of the leading camera manufacturers worldwide in the machine vision market.
Our engineers design digital cameras with a large scope of resolutions, frame rates, bandwidths, interfaces, spectral sensitivities, sensor technologies, and technical platforms.