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Every robotics application has its individual requirements. We know how to help you to find the best camera solution for your application.

In the symbiotic relationship between robotics and cameras, a transformative alliance emerges, reshaping industries and redefining the scope of human-machine interaction. At the heart of this synergy is the fusion of robotics and advanced camera technologies, a dynamic partnership that unlocks a multitude of possibilities across diverse applications. 

Cameras serve as the eyes of robots, endowing them with the ability to perceive and interpret their surroundings in detail. Whether it's the precision of manufacturing processes or the autonomy of unmanned vehicles, the integration of cameras elevates robotic capabilities to new levels and more to come. High-resolution cameras equipped with cutting-edge sensors and high modularity provide robots with an understanding of their surroundings, enabling them to navigate, manipulate objects, and interact seamlessly with their environment. 


Allied Vision’s modular camera range allows optimal customization, enabling robots to adapt to various applications and environments. This comprehensive camera portfolio facilitates rapid prototyping and development cycles, accelerating innovation in robotic systems. The mix-and-match capabilities empower developers to tailor camera configurations to specific tasks, maximizing efficiency and performance.

The Allied Vision Nerian 3D cameras, with their depth perception capabilities, significantly improve spatial awareness, enabling precise navigation, object recognition, and manipulation for robots. A multi-camera approach ultimately empowers robots with faster adaptability, enhanced perception, and the agility to cowork in a wide array of dynamic real-world scenarios. 

Specific requirements for cameras

Several camera technologies are crucial for robotics, each serving specific purposes to enhance perception, navigation, and interaction. The following requirements are important when considering the right vision system for robotics:  

  • Compatibility with existing robotic systems and software, through GigE Vision and ROS2 support, for seamless integration. 

  • Prioritization of industrial cameras with a compact design suitable for placements within confined spaces or on compact robotic platforms.
  • Global shutter sensors and the right balance between high frame rates for real-time processing and high resolutions, without motion blur for a precise level of detail that is needed in vision tasks. 

  • Real-time processing and low latency to avoid collisions with people and objects 

  • High resolution to capture detailed images for accurate object detection and capture 

  • Low size and weight for easy integration and compact structures 

  • High energy efficiency for a long operating time 

  • Robust on temperature change, shock and vibration resistant, availability of waterproof housing 

2D and 3D camera technology for robotics

Alvium CSI2-cameras for long cable solutions

Alvium GM2 and Alvium FP3 cameras with GMSL2 and FPD-Link III interface have been designed to overcome the limitations of standard CSI- 2 cameras. With a large choice of over 30 high-quality CMOS global and rolling shutter sensors. Allied Vision is offering the broadest variety of GMSL2 and FPD-Link III cameras in the market. The CSI-2 based closed housing cameras come with an integrated serializer, opto-coupled I/Os (1x In, 1x Out) and support two rugged interface connector options to choose from (Coax or STP).



Alvium cameras with GigE and 5GigE interface

Allied Vision has two GigE cameras powered by ALVIUM® Technology, Allied Vision's ASIC chip. The smallest in class, Alvium G1 and Alvium G5 will combine the advantages of the established GigE Vision standard and ROS2 support (coming soon) with the flexibility of the Alvium platform.  Experience unprecedented possibilities for your application by having the choice between two levels of interface performance. More than 25 sensors are supported, including the latest Global Shutter and Rolling Shutter sensors from Sony or On Semi. The models cover a broad spectral range including UV, visible, NIR, and SWIR



Nerian 3D Stereovision 

Our Nerian 3D portfolio enhances spatial awareness for precise navigation, object manipulation, bin picking, and robot arm control by processing highlydetailed 3D point clouds in real-time. It enables accurate depth perception crucial for robotics to ensure efficient and adaptive interactions in diverse environments and advanced automation scenarios. ROS support allows easy integration and provides a high grade of compatibility


Finding the right camera for your application

By focusing on what counts for each customer, Allied Vision finds solutions for every application, a practice which has made Allied Vision one of the leading camera manufacturers worldwide in the machine vision market.

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