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Alvium Modular Concept - Flexible design for maximum versatility

One platform - infinite solutions

With the Alvium platform, we have created a flexible and modular platform to ensure that your camera adapts to your requirements and not the other way around. Alvium cameras are available with 6 different interfaces for diverse requirements. Together with the large choice of high-quality image sensors, various lens mount and housing options, and a wide range of spectral sensitivities, the Alvium platform offers a broad variety of cameras to choose from.

To meet individual needs and to enable the greatest possible flexibility, Allied Vision offers a wide range of  additional modular options for Alvium cameras.

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Alvium G1 Board Level cameras

Alvium G1 Board Level cameras are specially designed for applications where the position of the GigE and I/O connector differs from Alvium G1 standard cameras. By connecting the sensor and interface with flex cables of different lengths (110 mm and 200 mm), the cameras can be oriented and positioned in systems with limited space

        Option highlights

        • The sensor and interface are physically separated and connected by a flex cable, which unlocks a wide range of system setup options.  
        • Various mounting options both on the sensor side and on the interface side  
        • Easy integration into custom housing designs
        • Available with different lens mounts or no mount at all
        • Flex cables of different lengths (110 mm and 200 mm) available

        Alvium Frame

        Vision applications sometimes require very precise sensor alignment and a compact setup than the standard bare board camera allows, especially when integrating a bare board camera into custom designs. Allied Vision has developed a small precision frame for Alvium bare board cameras to meet these requirements. Alvium Frame cameras are actively aligned during production. The image sensor is perfectly aligned towards the small precision frame.

        All Alvium CSI-2 and USB3 camera models can be ordered with this frame enabling an exact alignment of a bare board camera with a custom mount.

        There are two methods of alignment:

        • Precision milled areas on bottom, side, and front
        • Through front face, pin, and oblong hole

        Option highlights

        • Precision alignment for more than 20 image sensors
        • Compact and small
        • Active sensor alignment within the frame

        Alvium Flex for USB3 Vision and CSI-2 cameras

        The Alvium Flex models enable the use of various connectors and cables by replacing the standard interface with a board-to-board connector for all signals.
        They can be ordered either as bare board or open housing version. As bare board, the camera is extremely compact with a thickness of just 8 mm. All the sensors available in the Alvium platform are supported.

              Option highlights

              • Extremely compact, slim 8 mm bare board version
              • Support for more than 20 image sensors
              • Support for Sony SWIR and UV sensors
              • Very compact footprint of 26 mm × 26 mm for bare board and 29 mm × 29 mm for housed cameras
              • Board-to-board connector to enable individual connections
              • Various accessories available:

              - Add-on boards connect FPC cables to the camera
                 (separate versions for CSI-2 and USB)

              - FPC cables connect to add-on boards
                 (CSI-2: 120 mm, USB: 80 mm or 160 mm)

              - 2 Interface boards connect USB and I/O cables to USB cameras
                 (compact version or with USB screw lock connector)


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              Removed Cover Glass (RCG)

              Alvium cameras with Sony IMX, including VSWIR sensors, are available without sensor cover glass; including all interfaces, housings, and bare board.

              Particularly for reflection-sensitive applications, the RCG option can help achieve the best possible imaging results. Image artefacts caused by scattering from particles in the beam path or by contamination in the anti-reflection layer of the sensor cover glass are eliminated. The same applies to reflections caused by the sensor cover glass itself.

              Option benefits

              • No image artefacts caused by particles on the sensor cover glass.
              • No disturbing reflections.
              • Increase of overall quantum efficiency.
              • Fiber optic arrays can directly be mounted to the sensor, such as connecting with an image intensifier.
              • Disturbing reflections or interferences caused by the sensor cover glass are avoided.

              Monochrome cameras with IR cut filter

              Standard Alvium monochrome and NIR models are shipped without an IR cut filter. All Alvium monochrome C-Mount and CS-Mount models are available with an IR cut filter type Hoya C5000.

              Color cameras without IR cut filter

              Standard Alvium color models with C-Mount and CS-Mount are shipped with an IR cut filter. All housed Alvium color models are available without an IR cut filter.

              Active lens alignment for S-mount lenses

              Deviations along the optical axis between lens and sensor affect image quality. In addition, the tilt of the sensor board relative to the optical axis has an increasing impact on image quality across the entire field of view, especially with larg sensor areas.
              Allied Vision offers Active Lens Alignment for its Alvium cameras. Each single S-Mount lens is aligned with the corresponding Alvium camera in an automated production process.

              Option benefits

              • Consistent high image quality
              • Higher precision than with manual handling
              • Optimal optical alignment thanks to 5 measurement points
              • No effects such as blurring, tilt, rotation, focus drift and excessive variances
              • No loss of information
              • Shorter production times compared to manual alignment

              • Particularly cost-attractive for high production volumes (500 - 2,000 pieces)


              OEM solutions

              But sometimes applications are so specific that their requirements cannot be met by an off-the-shelf camera. If what you need is to design your own camera from scratch, Allied Vision is your partner of choice. Our R&D departments in Germany and Canada are experienced in managing complex development projects for demanding OEM customers worldwide. Applications include 3D scanning, automotive manufacturing, medical equipment, and many more. Our experienced technical experts look forward to helping you create your individual OEM camera solution