Alvium 1500 C-210

1500 C-210

  • AR0521 CMOS sensor
  • ALVIUM image processing
  • MIPI CSI-2 interface
  • Various hardware options

Embedded vision CSI-2 camera with AR0521 sensor

Alvium CSI-2 cameras enable new designs for embedded applications with improved image quality and reduced workload for the host. The innovative ALVIUM System on Chip (SoC) performs image corrections and preprocessing tasks onboard the camera instead of the embedded board. Unlike FPGAs commonly used in machine vision cameras, the ALVIUM SoC is extremely power efficient. With Alvium, integrating hardware and software can be done effortlessly, which ultimately reduces development time. The ON Semi AR0521 CMOS sensor enables imaging at 2.1 megapixel and 118 frames per second. Color models ship with an IR cut filter, monochrome and S-Mount models ship without a filter or protection glass.


Benefits and features

  • Monochrome (1500 C-210m) and color (1500 C-210c) models
  • ALVIUM® Technology for on-board image processing
  • MIPI CSI-2 interface with up to 4 lanes
  • Platform concept that enables the operation of different Alvium camera models with a common software
  • Hirose HR FHH55 FPC connector with minimum space requirements for a compact design
  • Precise sensor-to-lens mount alignment
  • Standard M3 mounting holes for top and bottom mounting, standard M2 mounting holes for front mounting
  • Industrial performance for embedded vision applications
  • Easy-to-install driver and code examples


Hardware options

  • Housing: Bare board or open housing
  • Various lens mounts: C-Mount, CS-Mount, or S-Mount

For more information on hardware options, including product codes and technical data, such as  technical drawings and mass, see the Alvium Cameras Hardware Options document.


Available accessories

  • Tripod adapter
  • Adapter boards connect to various embeddeded boards.
  • FPC cables in 120 mm, 220 mm, and 420 mm length
  • Various lenses and Allied Vision S-Mount lenses with focal lengths 2.97 - 12 mm
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  • Specifications
  • Features
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  • Accessories
MIPI CSI-2, up to 4 lanes
1928 (H) × 1088 (V)
ON Semi AR0521
Sensor type
Sensor size
Type 1/2.5
Pixel size
2.2 µm × 2.2 µm
Shutter mode
Rolling shutter
Lens mounts (available)
C-Mount, CS-Mount, S-Mount
Max. frame rate at full resolution
118 fps using 2 to 4 lanes, RAW8
10 Bit
Image buffer (RAM)
256 KB
Non-volatile memory (Flash)
1024 KB
Bit depth
Max. 10 Bit
Raw pixel formats
RAW8 (monochrome or color)
General purpose inputs/outputs (GPIOs)
Operating conditions/dimensions
Operating temperature
+5 °C to +65 °C housing temperature (with heat sink)
Power requirements (DC)
5 VDC over MIPI CSI-2
Power consumption
Typical: 1.9 W
10 g (bare board)
Body dimensions (L × W × H in mm)
7 × 26 × 26 (bare board)
2011/65/EU, including amendment 2015/863/EU (RoHS)

Image control

Auto control

  • Auto exposure
  • Auto gain
  • Auto white balance


 Other image controls

  • Black level
  • De-Bayering up to 5×5 (color models)
  • DPC (factory calibrated)
  • Exposure time
  • FPNC (factory calibrated)
  • Gain
  • Gamma
  • Hue
  • Region of interest (ROI)
  • Reverse X/Y
  • Saturation


Camera control

  • Temperature monitoring (sensor board)


Please note: This selector filters lenses on technical criteria only. To find the right lens for your application requirements, please ask our Sales and Support teams for advice.

Focal Length
Sensor size
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{{lens.focalLength}} mm

Interface connections

Interface Connection
Camera Interface
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Interface cards

Interface Card
Camera Interface
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Trigger, I/O & power cables

Camera Family
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Hub & Repeater

Hub & Repeater
Camera Interface
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Tripod adapters

Tripod Adapter
Camera Family
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Power supplies

Power Supply
Camera Family
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Data sheets and brochure

3D CAD files (STEP)

Please right-click the link of a 3D camera model and select save as to download the file. After downloading,  unzip the STEP file. You need a 3D CAD viewer application to view and measure the STEP files. Download a STEP viewer free of charge:

Software and firmware

Download software and software-related instructions for Alvium CSI-2 cameras.