Cameras for Sports & Entertainment

Image processing offers almost endless possibilities for interactive entertainment, advertising and sports. Allied Vision’s digital cameras have helped capture sharp images of rushing roller-coasters, create interactive multimedia displays, and capture athletes’ movements for coaching and professional broadcasting. 

Long distance installations

Imaging applications in stadiums or public buildings often mean that cameras have to be installed hundreds of metres away from a computer. Allied Vision offers a wide range of GigE Vision compliant cameras that allow for long cable lengths of up to 100 meters and several kilometers using fibre optics. We are experts in multi-camera networks and can provide guidance in choosing the right cables, switches, repeaters etc. out of our industrial grade accessories range for your application. 

Challenging conditions

Sports or outdoor multimedia installations face many challenges including changing light conditions and high temperatures. Allied Vision’s cameras are built to the highest industrial standards and are thoroughly tested before leaving our factory. Our cameras come with features like auto-gain and high dynamic range, and some even support remote lens control to ensure you capture sharp images in all weather conditions. Some models also feature an extended operating temperature range and camera temperature monitoring to prevent sensor damage and keep your system imaging 24/7. 

Infrared sensitivity

Many interactive applications require to illuminate the persons interacting with the system without disturbing or blinding them, or without interfering with the ambient lighting. This is the case for example in light shows or in combination with projections. The solution is to use infrared lighting, which is not visible to the human eye. Allied Vision offers digital cameras with enhanced infrared sensitivity as well as infrared optical filters to capture images beyond the visible spectrum. 


Challenging conditions require excellent performance. Our cameras offer excellent image quality high resolution, and high frame rates to capture images of something as small and fast moving as a baseball from several hundred metres away. Our fast and sharp cameras will help you capture every move, whether you need to analyze a golfer’s swing, or bring your real-time interactive display or giant digital billboard to life.

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