Industrial Cameras

There are thousands of different applications for industrial cameras in the industrial field. In 25 years, Allied Vision has been delivering imaging solutions to industries as different as fruit sorting, automotive, pharmaceuticals, or mining. By working with so diverse customers, we have gained a deep insight in the specific requirements of their business. We know which camera technology is needed for which application. 

Industrial strength

Allied Vision‘s industrial cameras are designed to face the challenges of high or varying ambient temperatures, shocks and vibrations, and long-time operation for maximal durability and reliability in any industrial use: Industrial applications include quality control, non-destructive testing, robotics, 3D measurement, and more. Designed and made in Germany and Canada according to the highest quality standards, all Allied Vision industrial cameras go through a thorough quality check, because professionals need equipment they can count on.

Easy Integration

Building cars is not the same as bottling sodas. Allied Vision offers a large choice of different housing architectures to fit in your industrial inspection system from small housings to board-level versions.  Allied Vision’s Modular Camera Concept offers additional options including angled-head orientations, lens mounts, optical filters, and sensor variants for an affordable price. Our powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs) ensure easy software development in all major operating systems and are compatible with the most popular third-party image processing software solutions.


Quality inspection often implies observing an object from different vantage points or even generating a 3D model of the product from several images. With FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet, Allied Vision has the best suitable interfaces for high-performance, perfectly synchronized multi-camera systems. 

Highest Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are key to any industrial inspection application. High speed interfaces and high camera frame rates of up to 400 frames per second at 4 Megapixels ensure that quality control will not slow down your production process. And with the latest CCD, CMOS and InGaAs sensor technologies and camera interfaces you no longer have to trade off resolution for speed.

See the invisible

Machine vision beyond the visible spectrum allows manufacturers to perform advanced inspection, non-destructive testing or sorting tasks. Allied Vision’s infrared cameras are used in the semiconductor industry to image through silicon, in the solar industry to detect defects in photovoltaic cells, or in the recycling industry to identify different plastic materials. With our thermal imaging cameras, manufacturers can monitor temperatures in their process, for example in the metal or glass industry.

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