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Coming soon: Alvium FP3/GM2 Coax

Robust CSI-2 based Alvium cameras for long cable solutions. Many applications in robotics, medical, and logistics can be solved by embedded vision systems using FPD-Link III (Alvium FP3) or GMSL2 (Alvium GM2).

Embedded systems benefit from small weight and size, low power consumption and stand out with minimal costs in hardware. However, there are a lot of limitations such as restricted cable length, open housings and intricate connectors. 

With Alvium FP3 Coax or Alvium GM2 Coax, cable lengths up to 15 meters are possible. The coax cable is also used to power the camera (Power over coax) enabling a single cable solution. The cameras offer 2 GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Output) which can be used either via the coax cable or the separate I/O connector.

Alvium FP3 Coax cameras with FPD-Link III (Flat Panel Display Link) interface and Alvium GM2 Coax cameras with GMSL2 (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link) interface have been designed to overcome the limitations of standard CSI-2 cameras. The enclosed CSI-2 based cameras come with integrated serializer and a rugged coaxial-based FAKRA connector for thin coax cables. They are fully EMC proof and won’t interfere with other devices.


  • Fully EMC compliant
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Fast and low overhead image transmission on embedded systems
  • Multi camera friendly
  • Deserializer boards for FPD-Link III and GMSL2 available
  • Thin coax cables with different lengths 5, 10, 15 m available


Embedded Ecosystem

The cameras are tested on NVIDIA Jetson systems running NVIDIA Jetpack 5.1 with our open-source driver. The driver supports all available Alvium CSI-2 cameras and Jetson Xavier NX, AGX Xavier, Orin NX, AGX Orin system on modules (SoMs). Support for AMD Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ SoCs and Kria SoMs is planned as well as NXP i.MX8M platforms. Please contact us for further information.

One platform, infinite solutions

All Allied Vision Alvium cameras share the same platform. They are based on ALVIUM® Technology – a custom ASIC packed with unique features and 30 years of machine vision industry expertise. This offers highest flexibility for the development of any vision system and makes it very easy to adjust and upgrade it when prototyping, upgrading or downgrading your system.

Users benefit from:

  • Long-term availability
  • Easy migration between different series
  • Fast prototype development and time-to-market
  • Easy system integration
  • Same form factor of 29 mm x 29 mm (H x W) for all series
  • Industrial-grade I/O connectors with screw locks
  • Small size, low weight, low power consumption
Alvium FP3/GM2 cameras are well-suited for applications in various industries:


  • Logistics: Intralogistics and fork lifts
  • Factory Automation: Robotics
  • Medical: Medical devices
  • Construction: Heavy vehicles
  • Infrastructure: Energy and Mining
  • Agriculture: Crops inspection
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