Allied Vision to showcase the new Alvium Camera in VISION CHINA SHANGHAI 2019

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Allied Vision will present New Alvium Cameras, Mako G-508 POL camera and the full range machine/embedded vision solutions during the show

Allied Vision will be showcasing its brand new Alvium Camera Series in Vision China (Shanghai) 2019 at Shanghai New International EXPO Center on 20th – 22nd Mar, 2019 (Hall 5, Booth 5601). With the slogan "Rethink Embedded Vision", several Alvium camera demos will be presented to the VISION China visitors for the first time, and will be the highlight of the booth.

The Allied Vision Alvium Camera Series is an innovative camera platform that addresses the limitations associated with current camera and sensor modules for embedded applications and offers system designers a previously unknown level of freedom. Powered by the revolutionary ALVIUM Technology, a unique System-on-chip designed by Allied Vision, Alvium cameras deliver industrial performance to embedded vision.

During the show, visitors will receive comprehensive information about the versatile possibilities of the new embedded camera module. Several live demonstrations running on different embedded boards show cameras of the Alvium Series in action.

Wide Choices of Machine Vision Cameras

Apart from the focused embedded vision field, Allied Vision will also showcase its new models in conventional industrial camera segment. Mako G-508 POL is a newly released polarization camera from Allied Vision. It is equipped with a Polarsens TM 5.0 MP IMX250MZR/MYR CMOS sensor (monochrome or color) that incorporates the latest four-directional polarization filter technology from Sony. By using polarized image data, reflections that hinder to surface inspection can be reduced, contrast can be enhanced in lowlight conditions to detect shapes, and various material properties can be detected, like stress, composition, or surface structure. With the new polarizer camera Allied Vision offers a new cost-effective tool to unveil image features not visible with conventional imaging solutions.

In addition to Mako POL camera, Goldeye SWIR camera will also be demonstrated during the show. Comparing to visible light cameras, SWIR cameras can detect invisible lights (SWIR) and are widely used in scientific research, semiconductor inspection and chemical liquid analysis. Most Goldeye cameras are equipped with active thermo-electric cooling(TEC) to reduce noise and enable extended exposure times as well as consistent image quality. Goldeye cameras can be operated at very high frame rates and capture outstanding low-noise images with high linearity and dynamic range. 

Along with partners, Allied Vision will showcase its latest applications in Artificial Intelligence (AI). By adopting the-state-of-art AIDI-OCR AI algorithms from Aqrose Technology, combined with Allied Vison Manta G-895 camera, visitors can experience real time accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on bar code. OCR is widely used in variety of applications such as box/bottle tag reading. Comparing to conventional way of detection, the AI detection has absolute advantage on reading efficiency and lower false rate.  

Almost all machine vision cameras from Allied Vision will be demonstrated during Vision China Shanghai Show. Visitors can take the opportunity to discover more by interacting with our sales and technical consultant  to find out the most suitable imaging solution. 

Exhibition & Booth Information:

  • VISION China Shanghai

          20-22nd , Mar, 2019, Shanghai New International EXPO Center

  • Allied Vision Booth

          Hall 5, 5601# Booth 

  • Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference 

         “Innovative Embedded Industrial Vision Camera Platform“ 
         Date & Time:15:30 ~16:00, 21st Mar
         The Conference Area, Exhibition Hall