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A range of options to meet your application requirements

We all know that the claim “one size fits all” rarely works out that way. Sure, that approach may help to lower cost, and therefore price, so go the standard route if possible. But often one has specific requirements for which the standard camera is not always an ideal solution.

1. Standard cameras

  • Specific cameras, designed for a wide market, appealing to thousands of customers globally
  • Standard housing type, default lens mount, default housing design, default optical filter
  • Competitively priced and available with short lead times

2. Modular cameras

  • Sometimes a standard camera is not quite right for an application – for example:

- Body with lens is too long for tight space; but a lens turned 90° would fit
- Camera visible to medical patient; housing must be white not default red
- Camera will be integrated into another system as a component and a housing is not required; prefer space-savings of board level
- Specific wavelength needs to “pass” or be blocked; a specific optical filter is required

  • Variations on our best-selling camera models for each situation above, and more, are shown in our Modular Concept document
  • Competitively priced, sometimes with minimum order requirements
  • Short lead times, due to being pre-configured by our engineering and production teams, and already approved through our ISO quality processes


3. Modified cameras

  • If one of our standard or modular cameras is “close” but still not exactly what you require, often we can work together to modify one of our cameras
  • Examples:

- Camera design: housing color or alternate brand logo;
- Firmware: freeze version for medical regulatory compliance;
- Features: special triggering functionality or modified feature(s)

  • Modified products are developed to your specifications, on a mutually agreed timeline


4. Custom / OEM development

Some customers have specialized imaging applications, for which none of the above camera categories offer a fit.  Applications include 3D scanning, automotive manufacturing, medical equipment, agricultural inspection by aerial drones, and many more.  Specific applications requirements might be achieved by adding one or more innovative firmware features or control interfaces, or a special sensor, filter, or housing.  Or a totally new camera model, with mutually-agreed specifications, and your private label, may be developed.

In short, if you need a machine vision camera, we likely build it already, or know how to. For more information on:

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