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Robert Franz to become new CEO at SVS-Vistek

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Existing cooperation between the TKH Vision companies, Allied Vision and SVS-Vistek, to be strengthened

Robert Franz, CEO of Allied Vision, will also assume the management role as CEO at the innovative camera manufacturer SVS-Vistek GmbH. Its founder and CEO, Walter Denk, retired at the end of 2023. Robert Franz will optimize the collaboration of the TKH 2D Vision companies, including industry leaders Allied Vision, Chromasens, Euresys, NET, and SVS-Vistek, for maximum customer benefit.

"Walter Denk has played a significant role in the positive development of SVS-Vistek in recent years," emphasized Robert Franz. "Therefore, he deserves our sincere gratitude for his outstanding achievements and the impressive market position that SVS-Vistek holds today. With this foundation, we can confidently plan further growth steps. We are especially pleased that Walter Denk will continue to be associated with the company in an advisory role in the future."

Combining the best of both companies
By bundling the responsibilities of SVS-Vistek and the other German 2D Vision companies of the TKH Group under the management of Robert Franz, the collaboration between the companies will be further strengthened. As leading machine vision companies within the TKH Group, they are already cooperating in various areas under the joint umbrella of TKH Vision. For example, the sales activities under the leadership of Björn Krasemann (CSO) and the marketing activities under the leadership of Johannes Zurin (Director Business Development & Marketing) for SVS-Vistek and Allied Vision have been merged. There has also been a change in the operations department. Following the retirement of SVS-Vistek’s previous COO, Gerd Völpel, the COO of Allied Vision, André Kruse, is now responsible for both companies in this role.

"The main goal of these measures is to enhance the presence of the companies with customers and in the market, and to operate more successfully by continuously improving performance in the interests of our customers," explains Robert Franz. "Through intensified cooperation between SVS-Vistek and Allied Vision, we aim to leverage the strengths of both companies, continue to grow together, and thus, better develop the potential of both organizations."

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