Embedded Vision - Allied Vision's new Alvium Camera Series

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Alvium 1500 C

The perfect camera for easy vision in embedded applications. Extremely power efficient and easy hardware and software integration.


Camera control:

  • Video4Linux2 (V4L2)
  • Direct Register Access (DRA)

Software integration:

  • Open source: Allied Vision Vimba drivers provided for NXP i.MX 6
  • Coming soon: drivers provided for NXP i.MX 8 and NVIDIA Jetson
  • Flexibility: Each driver supports all current and future Alvium MIPI CSI-2 cameras regardless of sensor, model and feature set.

Basic feature set

Housing options:

Bare board
Open housing

Alvium 1800 U

Bridging the gap between embedded vision and machine vision. Our machine vision camera with a basic feature set includes various triggering options.


Camera control:

  • GenICam

Software integration:

  • Allied Vision Vimba for ARM Software Suite with SDK, tools and programming examples for easy camera configuration and control.
  • Compatible with GenICam-compliant third party image processing libraries



Advanced feature set

  • Basic feature set + enhanced trigger options

Housing options:

Alvium bare board camera module
Bare board
Alvium camera module with open housing
Open housing
Alvium camera with closed housing
Closed housing

Camera Selector

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Max. frame rate at full resolution


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