Alvium cameras with Sony Pregius S sensors and CSI-2 interface

Alvium 1800 C-1620, Alvium 1800 C-2040, Alvium 1800 C-2460

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Sony Pregius S Technology, 4th generation of the successful CMOS global shutter sensors

The perfect choice for high performance embedded vision applications

The Sony Pregius S sensors with back-illuminated pixel architecture in our new Alvium CSI-2 models offer great advantages over their predecessors:

  • Higher spatial resolution
  • Compact format
  • Improved quantum efficiency
  • Higher light incident angle

Images full of contrast with minimal noise are therefore guaranteed.

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Smaller pixel size

More pixels per sensor size

A smaller pixel size of only 2.74 µm now allows a significantly higher number of pixels on the same sensor area. This means that fewer cameras are required per vision system, e.g. one 24 MP camera can replace two 12 MP cameras. This at the same time can lead to significantly lower system costs.

All camera modules are available with a monochrome or a color sensor

CSI-2 cameras with high quality Sony sensors

Alvium C-2460
Equipped withthe Sony IMX540 Global Shutter CMOS sensor, this CSI-2 camera module comes with a very high resolution of 24.6 MP for images with fine details and very low noise.

Alvium 1800 C-2040
This camera combines a square sensor format with a C-mount in a sugar cube housing and is thus an ideal choice for microscopy applications. It features the 20.4 MP Sony IMX541sensor enabling a frame rate of up to 24 fps.

Alvium 1800 C-1620
Equipped with the IMX542 sensor with a 16:9 wide screen format offering almost twice the resolution of the comparable 2nd generation Sony IMX sensor (IMX267) making it especially attractive for ITS applications demanding high resolution images.

Model Specifications

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