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Goldeye cameras

The secret behind high-precision LiDAR calibration

Allied Vision’s Goldeye infrared camera is the secret behind high-precision LiDAR calibration for world-leading autonomous vehicle companies. 

Did you know that most autonomous vehicles on the road today use a LiDAR calibrated with Allied Vision Goldeye cameras? Goldeye is Allied Vision’s camera lineup for computer vision applications in the short-wave infrared spectrum (SWIR). Goldeye cameras are sensitive in a spectral range from 900 to 1,700 nanometer. This makes them ideal for imaging tasks beyond the visible spectrum such as LiDAR calibration.

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Built-in image correction and optimization

The InGaAs sensor technology for infrared imaging delivers imperfect image quality compared to silicon-based sensors for the visible spectrum. Dead pixels, non-uniformity and dark noise are typical artefacts in a raw InGaAs image.

At Allied Vision, we have designed advanced image correction and optimization technology into our Goldeye infrared cameras to overcome these issues and deliver the best image quality for computer vision applications:

  • Active sensor cooling with TEC1 and TEC 2 Peltier modules reduces noise dramatically
  • Defect pixel and non-uniformity correction algorithms implemented in the camera firmware eliminate the defects inherent to the sensor technology and deliver crisp, high-quality image.

Thanks to their outstanding image quality, Goldeye infrared cameras are ideal for high-precision inspection and measurement tasks such as LiDAR calibration or laser beam profiling.

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