Alvium cameras with Onsemi AR0135 sensor

Alvium C and Alvium U with Onsemi AR0135 runs 52.0 frames per second at 1.2 MP resolution.

Cameras with ON Semi AR0135 CMOS sensor

Equipped with the newest generation of sensors

Cameras with the ON Semiconductor AR0135 sensor has the same optical format and 1.2 MP resolution as the AR0134 CMOS sensor. This makes it great for code/label reading and simple inspection tasks completed in factory and warehouse logistics, where short exposure time is crucial. Combined with our Alvium CSI-2 camera variant, this sensor can be integrated into compact OEM designs offering low latency in data transmission. It is perfect for time-critical AI/Deep Learning applications.


  • Improved pixel performance
  • Higher full well capacity, lower read noise sensitivity: Higher sensitivity with higher total capacitance (full well) results in an increased dynamic range (see below)
  • Improved Global Shutter Efficiency 

Comparison of signal response AR0134 and AR0135

What is the difference between AR0134 and AR0135 image sensors?

Comparison Onsemi Sensor

SpecAR0134AR0135 AT & CS
Optical Format1/3"1/3"
Output Resolution1280 x 9601280 x 960
Frame Rate54 fps54 fps
Pixel3.75um GS3.75um GS
Full-Well (ke-)711
Dark Current e-/sec @ 60C2000<150
Total Noise Floor (e-)94
GSE (1/PLS)< 1000:1~4700:1
Output InterfaceParallel / HiSPiParallel / HiSPi
Package9x9 iBGA9x9 iBGA (pin Compatible)
Automotive Qualification (-40 to 105C Ambient)NoYes
Industrial USB cameras with attractive price-performance ratio

Alvium 1800 U

Alvium 1800 U is your entry into high-performance imaging with ALVIUM® Technology for industrial applications. Equipped with the newest generation of sensors, these small and lightweight cameras deliver high image quality and frame rates at the best price-performance ratio. With its USB3 Vision compliant interface and industrial-grade hardware, it is your workhorse for different machine vision applications whether it is on a PC-based or an embedded system.

Revolutionary MIPI CSI-2 camera module

Alvium 1500 C

Alvium 1500 C is a revolutionary MIPI CSI-2 camera optimized for embedded vision applications. The Alvium 1500 C offers the performance and versatility of industrial cameras for the embedded world. Equipped with industrial-grade CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor (Onsemi AR0135), Alvium C cameras deliver excellent image quality and high frame rates. The standardized CSI-2 driver ensures quick integration with the flexibility to change camera models easily.

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