Alvium 1800 C – Industrial vision goes embedded

Migrate your computer vision system from a PC to an embedded system without performance tradeoff


Allied Vision’s powerful Alvium 1800 MIPI CSI-2 camera series gives you access to Sony’s IMX high-performance image sensors in an embedded camera module. Our new triggering function and frame rate control provides the precise camera control you need for advanced inspection tasks. By combining the advantages of machine vision cameras with the benefits of integrated sensor modules, Alvium 1800 C paves the way to move from PC-based machine vision applications to embedded systems without compromise.

Your Benefits

  • High-performance Sony CMOS sensors with up to 24.6 Megapixel: Excellent image quality
  • Precise triggering functionality
  • Flexible frame rate control
  • Industrial grade camera design: Compact and robust hardware
  • One driver fits all: Quickly integrate Alvium cameras and exchange models easily


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Precise image acquisition via triggering function and flexible frame rate control

Many MIPI CSI-2 sensor modules can only stream images and don’t allow the precise image acquisition timing needed in industrial applications. Allied Vision’s Alvium 1800 C series features for the Nvidia Jetson systems advanced triggering functions that machine vision system engineers had been missing in embedded vision:

  • Hardware trigger for lowest latency
  • Software trigger

Furthermore, the Alvium 1800 CSI-2 cameras now support flexible frame rate control. This allows the user to set a fixed frame rate for the cameras according to his needs.

The triggering function and the frame rate control are available as custom controls in the Video4Linux2 (V4L2) framework or directly in the camera via Direct Register Access (DRA). 

Get our matching Alvium 1800 CSI-2 camera models

SensorResolutionFrame Rate
Alvium 1800 C-040Sony IMX2870.4 MP280 fps
Alvium 1800 C-158Sony IMX2731.6 MP150 fps
Alvium 1800 C-240Sony IMX3922.4 MP126 fps
Alvium 1800 C-319Sony IMX2653.2 MP53 fps
Alvium 1800 C-507Sony IMX2645.1 MP34 fps
Alvium 1800 C-508Sony IMX2505.1 MP65 fps
Alvium 1800 C-1236Sony IMX30412.4 MP22 fps
Alvium 1800 C-1240Sony IMX22612.2 MP41 fps
Alvium 1800 C-2050Sony IMX18319.7 MP25 fps
NEW: Alvium 1800 C-2460Sony IMX54024.6 MP21 fps