3D Imaging for intralogistics

3D depth cameras can be used in static and dynamic environments. They are well-suited for difficult and critical real-time applications such as logistics automation.

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Vision applications in Intralogistics

For intralogistics applications image processing in 2D often provides insufficient information because depth information is required to avoid collisions or to pick the right items. This is where 3D vision systems are advantageous as they deliver the required depth information for the robot. There are different 3D vision systems available that can simplify and enable certain measurement tasks.

But which approach is the best suited for these applications?

In our white paper "3D Imaging for intralogistics" you will find information about:

  • 3D Vision Technologies for intralogistics requirements
  • Stereo vision and 3D depth cameras
  • Examples for Intralogistics applications
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