High-resolution short-wave infrared cameras

featuring Sony IMX992 and Sony IMX993 SenSWIR sensors

High resolution, industrial-grade, small

Alvium SWIR cameras with Sony IMX992 and IMX993

Equipped with Sony's IMX992 and IMX993 SenSWIR InGaAs sensors, Alvium SWIR (short wave infrared) cameras deliver high resolution images at fast frame rates in a design offering small size, light weight, and low power consumption, including low cost (SWaP+C).

With their SWaP+C properties, Alvium SWIR cameras are ideal for building cost-effective OEM systems in the field of embedded and machine vision. Thereby, industrial-grade Alvium SWIR cameras and related drivers offer you a plug-and-play feeling when setting up your system solution.

Reduce your overall system costs

Imaging in the visible and SWIR spectrum with a single camera

Alvium SWIR cameras support a spectral range from 400 nm to 1700 nm at high quantum efficiencies. This allows you to capture images in both the visible and SWIR spectra with  a single camera and enables users to reduce overall system costs!

Thanks to the innovative 2nd generation Sony SenSWIR InGaAs sensors the SWIR cameras deliver high resolutions up to 5.3 MP at fast frame rates.  With a small pixel size of 3.45μm the sensors achieve the highest-resolution SWIR images even with their compact size.  In combination with a high-precision sensor alignment at production time, you can realize inspection systems supporting highest requirements regarding image quality, resolution, and precision.

Model Highlights

  • GenICam compatible feature control
  • Multiple interface options
  • Extended temperature range from -20°C to +65°C
  • Modular housing design including board-level version
  • Alvium Frame option:
    • Precision alignment 
    • Compact and small
    • Active sensor alignment within the frame
  • Alvium Flex option:
    • Extremely compact, slim 8 mm bare board version
    • Board-to-board connector to enable individual connections
    • Various connectors and cables available

Alvium C-530/U-530/G5-530 VSWIR

Sensor Model: Sony IMX992 SenSWIR 
Resolution: 2592 (H) x 2056 (V), 5.3 MP
Frame Rate: 84/77/84 fps (preliminary)
Pixel Size: 3.45 μm
Optical format: Type 1/1.4
Weight: 15 g (bare board), 50 g (open housing), 100 g (closed housing)

Alvium C-320/U-320/G5-320 VSWIR

Sensor Model: Sony IMX993 SenSWIR
Resolution: 2080 (H) x 1544 (V), 3.2 MP
Frame Rate: 125/120/125 fps (preliminary)
Pixel Size: 3.45 μm
Optical format: Type 1/1.8
Weight: 15 g (bare board), 50 g (open housing), 100 g (closed housing)

Application Examples

  • Semiconductor industry: Solar cell and chip inspection
  • Medical imaging & research: Hyper- and multi-spectral imaging
  • Food industry: Quality inspection and grading
  • and many more


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