16 Megapixel at Work

Matrix Systems & Solutions uses a Prosilica GE 4900 16-Megapixel camera to scan matrix codes on a whole box of chemical bottles in one shot.

Operating since 1993, Matrix Systems & Solutions provides process manufacturers with packaging execution and warehouse management system applications, as well as consulting and professional services. 

Matrix Systems & Solutions were also commissioned by a global chemical manufacturer in France to provide them with a 3-tier solution to improve the traceability of their products by associating units to cases and cases to pallets at high speed. This customer processes millions of bottles every year.

Prosilica’s 16 Megapixel GE4900 at work
Once the production line is activated, the system, built by Matrix Systems & Solutions, starts printing serial Datamatrix bar codes with an inkjet printer on top of the bottles at a high speed rate. The bottles are then randomly picked up by a robot and packed into a case. The open case travels down the conveyor and passes under the 16-Megapixel Prosilica GE4900 camera to read and aggregate all serial numbers in order to generate an associated case ID. The same logic then applies to tying cases to pallets for optimum traceability.

The Datamatrix code were difficult to read because of varying depth of field on the bottles, reflective caps and poorly printed codes that were randomly skewed. After experimenting with several cameras from various manufacturers, the Prosilica GE4900 (monochrome model) proved to be the only camera on the market that could read a very small micron Datamatrix code accurately and with one shot only. The GE4900 is Prosilica’s highest resolution camera offering 16 Megapixels. The GE4900 incorporates the high-quality Kodak KAI-16000 CCD image sensor to provide exceptionally high resolution and excellent sensitivity. Other manufacturers have used multiple lower resolution cameras on similar applications but with poor results.

Matrix Systems & Solutions used the same controller as per the document mailer system set-up. However, the decoder software had to be modified to accommodate the specific requirements of this application.