New Alvium 1800 USB3 cameras: More features, more sensors, more applications!

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Alvium 1800 U-511, Alvium 1800 U-811, Alvium 1800 U-1242

Sony IMX547, Sony IMX546, Sony IMX545

High-performance Alvium cameras with USB3 interface

We have added three models to our successful Alvium 1800 USB camera series for you: Alvium 1800 U-511, Alvium 1800 U-811 and Alvium 1800 U-1242. These new models are equipped with the latest Sony IMX Pregius S 4th generation sensors and offer exciting new features.

The small and lightweight cameras are available in different housing variants (closed housing, open housing, bareboard), as monochrome or color cameras and with different lens connections.

Explore new features

Alvium 1800 U-511

  • Sony IMX547 CMOS Global Shutter sensor
  • 5.1 Megapixel
  • Frame rate up to 78 fps

The integrated IMX547 sensor has the same aspect ratio as the IMX264 sensor with the same resolution, but at a much smaller size! And it goes even further: compared to the popular Sony IMX265 sensor (e.g. in the Alvium U-319 or Mako G-319), this sensor offers a higher resolution with almost the same sensor size. The Alvium 1800 U-511 is thus an attractive alternative to existing camera models equipped with comparable second-generation Sony sensors. In addition, this camera is perfect for use with our compact and affordable S-mount lenses.

Alvium 1800 U-811

  • Sony IMX546 CMOS Global Shutter sensor
  • 8.1 Megapixel
  • Frame rate up to 51 fps

The specifications make the Alvium U-811 model particularly suitable for use in inspection tasks involving round or square objects, as well as for applications related to microscopes.

Alvium 1800 U-1242

  • Sony IMX545 CMOS Global Shutter sensor
  • 12.4 Megapixel
  • Frame rate up to 33 fps

Thanks to the smaller pixel size of 2.74 µm, the Alvium U-1242 offers the same resolution with a smaller sensor compared to the second-generation Sony IMX304 sensor.

Great new features for our Alvium 1800 USB cameras

Digital binning and U3 power saving mode

Digital Binning

All Alvium 1800 U camera models now feature digital binning. Binning allows you to lower the resolution of your camera without changing the field of view. Digital binning is ideal for users of less powerful systems who do not need the full camera resolution all the time. By activating digital binning, you can quickly reduce camera resolution as needed. This can reduce the load on the host and simplify further image processing. In summing mode, digital binning can further be used in low-light conditions to enhance visibility.

The user can choose whether to sum up the binned pixels or to use their average value. In most industrial cameras binning is only available in monochrome models. As one of the only manufacturers, we also offer binning for all color models.

U3 power saving mode

Another exciting feature is the U3 power saving mode for USB3 camera models. This feature is especially valuable for battery-powered applications where there is idle time between image captures. When power saving mode is enabled, the camera reduces power consumption between image captures down to 16 mA or 80 mW. This great new featrue can extend the overall operating time of you application significantly!

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