The new Mako with polarized sensor

Equipped with a PolarsensTM 5.0 MP IMX250MZR monochrome CMOS sensor, the new Mako G-508B POL incorporates latest four-directional on-chip polarization filter technology from Sony.


The pixel-layer nanowire polarizing layer supports four orientations (0°, 45°, 90°, and 135°) so that each pixel of the sensor captures polarized light in relation to its specific wire-grid axis. Four pixels together build a calculation unit to determine for each pixel the intensity and angle of polarization, similar to the debayering of color sensors.

By using pseudo-color look-up tables for each angle of polarization, defects and areas of stress can be easily visualized.

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Unpolarized image (left). Polarized images using pseudo-color look-up table reveal stress in transparent material.

Improving visibility with polarization image data

With the new polarizer camera, Allied Vision offers a new cost-effective tool to unveil image features not visible with conventional imaging solutions.

As shown in the pictures below, polarized image data enables you to:

  • reduce reflections that hinder a surface inspection,
  • enhance contrast in lowlight conditions to detect shapes,
  • detect various material properties, like stress, composition, or surface structure.
The normal image (left) changes as a polarized image (right) regarding its reflection, contrast, and structure.

Mako – The ultra-compact high-performer

Beside the available polarizer-sensor technology, the Mako is an attractively priced camera in an ultracompact rugged industrial housing. It is equipped with GigE Vision compliant interface technology to enable a reliable connection to your host system and image processsing solution. Advanced functionalities, including screw-lockable RJ45 connector and multiple I/Os facilitate straightforward system integration. Curious?

Contact the Allied Vision sales team to receive additional information and consultancy for your project!

ModelSensorSensor typeSensor sizeCell sizeResolutionFrame rateLens mount
G-508B POL
global shutter
11.1 mm
3.45 µm x
3.45 µm

5.0 MP
2464 (H) x 2056 (V)

23.7 fpsC-Mount