"I was able to add a practical understanding of the business world to my mostly theoretical studies"

Franziska Kuhlmann works at Allied Vision's Human Resources department as a student. She enjoys confronting her theoretical learnings with practical business experience.

Hi Franziska, can you briefly introduce yourself, please?
My name is Franziska Kuhlmann and I am enrolled in the master’s Management & Human Resources program at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.

During your time as a student at Allied Vision, which of your daily tasks were most beneficial to your academic studies?
As an HR student, my tasks consist of day-to-day tasks and special projects. I found the special projects were most beneficial from my previous studies. An example: In my law courses, we had concentrated on different legal aspects that were the basis for a guideline at Allied Vision. Not only was I able to use the content of my studies at Allied Vision, but also the other way around.

How did you get to know Allied Vision?
A fellow student drew my attention to Allied Vision as she was in search of a replacement.

Why is Allied Vision an attractive employer for you?
Because of Allied Vision’s international setting, you often work in global and virtual teams. This is a gain in experience as well as a challenge for one’s own development at the same time.

How does your further career plans look like after your studies?
After my studies, I would like to take on a job as human resource generalist.

Would you recommend a job at Allied Vision, and if so, why?
I would recommend a job at Allied Vision. In the past months, I was able to add a practical understanding of the business world to my mostly theoretical studies and I also gained a lot of experience for my professional life.

What would you recommend students that are interested in a job at Allied Vision?
It helps if you are interested in a high technology and international setting. Have a look at our vacancies on our career website.