"High professional knowledge at a high level thanks to many further training courses..."

Johannes Majonek finds that the breadth of the IT training significantly strengthens the understanding of related processes in the company.

Johannes Majonek

Johannes Majonek

Hello Johannes, can you please introduce yourself?
My name is Johannes Majonek, I'm 23 years old and I'm apprenticing as an IT specialist for system integration at Allied Vision in Stadtroda. I am currently in my second year of apprenticeship.


What are your tasks as an IT specialist for system integration?
As an IT specialist for system integration, you are responsible for the complete administration and maintenance of the systems. You set up the computers and make them available to other colleagues. You will also be responsible for all the software that a company needs, including Office365. We always take care of our employees when they have problems with IT, so support is also a very important aspect.


What is the most interesting thing about your training?
What I like most is the diversity in this profession. You have new tasks and challenges every day. Since information technology develops from day to day, an apprenticeship in IT guarantees constant variety.


How did you hear about Allied Vision? 
I studied electrical engineering and information technology at the FH Jena. I found an advertisement in a newspaper from Allied Vision, where they promoted the job of a student assistant in the field of IT. I applied for this position and was hired. Half a year later I decided to finish my studies prematurely. Since I liked working at Allied Vision very much, I started my apprenticeship here.


What are the advantages of an apprenticeship at Allied Vision? 
A big advantage is the breadth of the training. You get an insight into many areas of the company, which significantly strengthens your understanding of interrelated processes. In addition, Allied Vision enables me as an apprentice to take part in a large number of further training courses in order to develop and maintain my specialist knowledge at a high level.