Vimba: GigE hardware synching images of multiple cameras

Vimba Viewer users: The Trigger IO tab enables easy configuration, see Vimba Viewer Guide.

Alternatively, follow these instructions:
To synchronize GigE cameras, use the Exposing output of the master camera to trigger the slave cameras:

Choose one camera as the master. Connect the SyncOut1 pin of the master camera physically to the SyncIn1 pin(s) of the slave camera(s).

Note: This document refers to SyncOut1 and SyncIn1. Different camera families have different numbers of camera inputs and outputs. Instead of SyncIn1 and SyncOut1, you can also use SyncIn2 and SyncOut2, and so on.

The camera Technical Manual provides detailed specifications of the I/Os and notes on triggering.

Set the master output mode:

Set the trigger source of the master camera as desired, for example, Freerun, FixedRate, or Line1. You can trigger the master camera internally or externally.
Set the slave camera(s) to external trigger mode:

Now the slave cameras acquire images at the same time as the master camera.

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