Infrared & Hyperspectral Imaging

Machine Vision using silicon-based CCD or CMOS sensors is already capable of seeing beyond our human vision. However, the electromagnetic spectrum is much broader and there are many other image sensor technologies available for detecting light from X-ray to long-wave infrared.

One of the most interesting spectral ranges for Machine Vision is short-wave infrared (SWIR) ranging from 900 nm - 2,700 nm, as many materials like plastics, textiles, or minerals reveal their spectral differences in this range as well as specific material properties like transparency of silicon at ~1150nm or strong water absorption at 1450nm and 1940nm enabling the visualization of hidden features.

Consequently, the application fields for SWIR imaging are manifold and can be applied in many industries such as Food & Beverages (quality inspection, contamination detection and sorting of bulk materials, or seal inspection of packaging), Recycling Industry (plastics or construction waste sorting), or Semiconductor Inspection (wafer inspection, layer alignment, or microcrack inspection).

But that’s not all: SWIR light typically can penetrate deeper into tissues and causes less absorption and scattering effects, making it ideally suitable for Bio Imaging. And as several lasers used in the telecommunication or medical industry irradiate in the SWIR range, this makes the corresponding cameras ideally suitable for laser beam analysis.

Typical applications

Finding the right camera for your application

Allied Vision has many years of experience in the development of short-wave infrared cameras with InGaAs sensor technology. With this comprehensive expertise, Allied Vision provides optimized cameras with outstanding image quality in terms of homogeneity, dynamics and linearity for a wide range of applications.

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Our engineers design digital cameras with a large scope of resolutions, frame rates, bandwidths, interfaces, spectral sensitivities, sensor technologies, and technical platforms.

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