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Alvium FP3/GM2 for Intralogistic Vehicles

What camera to choose for intralogistic vehicles: FPD-Link III, GMSL2™, Coax, or STP? Read our White Paper.

Alvium FP3 cameras with FPD-Link III interface and Alvium GM2 Coax cameras with GMSL2™ have been designed to overcome the limitations of standard CSI- 2 cameras. There are more than 30 high-quality image sensors to choose from. Various factors are important when choosing the right camera. In addition to the required cable length and data rate, the type of application has an impact on the requirements for the camera. Cameras for logistic vehicles such as Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs), and forklifts are subject to space constraints and rough use. They not only have to be small, light and power efficient, but they must also operate reliably under harsh conditions.

Our latest White Paper provides some guidance for selecting the best configuration of range extender hardware. This includes a deep explanation of the similarities and differences between FPD-Link and GMSL™, and about cable options to get the best performance for your system.

    White Paper Topics:

    • Challenging requirements
    • Interface: FDP-Link III and GMSL2™ 
    • Coaxial versus STP cables
    • Alvium FP3 and Alvium GM2 cameras
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