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Mako Cameras with CMOS Sensors from Sony and CMOSIS/AMS

Now with enhanced functionality

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Small size, powerful performance

We have upgraded our popular Mako camera models with more advanced functionalities for even better connectivity and easier integration into your machine vision system.

The upgraded Mako models now offer:

  • Latest CMOS technology
  • Precise synchronization of multi-camera systems with PTP
  • One-cable connectivity with Trigger over Ethernet


Outstanding image quality and extended dynamic range

Sony Pregius and CMOSIS/ams CMOS sensors

The Sony Pregius Sensors deliver an outstanding image quality with a higher quantum efficiency and lower dark noise than equivalent CCDs. They also output at higher frame rates for faster in-line inspection.

The CMOSIS/ams CMOS sensors offer high quantum efficiencies in the visible and even NIR range (> 40%) and are enabling imaging with high-sensitivity and Extended dynamic range at high frame rates.

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Latest Sony Exmor Pregius CMOS and CMOSIS/ams CMOS sensor technology

Precise synchronization of multi-camera systems with PTP

The Mako models include the PTP function (Precision Time Protocol). PTP (aka IEEE 1588) is a standard network protocol that synchronizes the clocks of several devices in a network with one master device.

The devices may be cameras but also other equipment such as a GPS module. With PTP, Mako cameras can be perfectly synchronized with each-other and any other camera or device supporting this standard. This allows accurate inspection with multi-camera imaging systems.

One-cable connectivity with Trigger over Ethernet

The new firmware of these models now supports Trigger over Ethernet (ToE). This function allows to precisely trigger the cameras via the Gigabit Ethernet interface cable. Coupled with the Mako’s Power over Ethernet function, ToE simplifies the camera integration with only one cable for all: power, trigger, camera control and image data transmission.

With their popular CMOS sensors and their new, advanced feature set, the upgraded Mako models are the ideal choice for high-performance, sugar-cube format machine vision cameras. Contact us today for a quote!

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Application Note: Learn more about the benefits of Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Trigger over Ethernet (ToE)

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