Bigeye Temperature

A too warm camera is indicated by:
Temperature LED is ON or the attribute CCDTemperatureOK: 0

Common reasons for a temperature warning:
A critical ratio of cooling time to non-cooling time (1), the Continuous mode (2), or a high environment temperature (3).

1) To avoid noise in the amplifier, the cooling is paused during the sensor readout time. During the exposure time and the dark time, the cooling is active. If the exposure time is very short and the frame rate high, the cooling time is too short to reach a cold enough temperature.
Choose a longer exposure time or a slower frame rate to reach a lower camera temperature.

2) In the Continuous mode, there is no cooling. If you need cooling, do not use the Continuous mode.

3) If the environment temperature is above the specified temperature, the cooling is not able to reach the target temperature. Use a low frame rate, then the cooling has enough time during the dark time. As soon as the temperature is OK, increase the frame rate as long as the temperature remains OK. If possible, increase the exposure time.

To readout the attribute CCDTemperatureOK, you can use the VimbaViewer. It is downloadable from our webpage:
In your own GigE Vision software, read this parameter as usual.

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