Bigeye P-629: Shutter and Trigger Modes

Normally, TriggerMode switches between image-on-demand (IOD) and continuous mode. The Bigeye P-629 is an exception, since this camera model always operates in IOD mode. TriggerMode is used instead to enable shutter control by Pin 9.

If TriggerMode = OFF, Pin 9 controls the behavior of the shutter:
open (or TTL HIGH, default) => shutter permanently open
GND (or TTL LOW) => shutter closed during image output

Pin 9 is connected to an internal pull-up resistor, therefore its default state is HIGH.

If pin 9 is unconnected and in its default state, the shutter can be activated and deactivated by setting TriggerMode to ON and OFF. As soon as TriggerMode is ON, the level at Pin 9 is ignored and the shutter operates normally: It is closed during image output.

Additionally, the camera can be triggered by an external pulse signal (Pin 10/11) or by the internal timer. The width of the external pulse signal determines the exposure and dark time. If the internal timer is used, it generates the proper timing signal according to the values given by DarkTime and ExposureTime.
ExposureMode = Timed => internal timer is used
ExposureMode = OFF => external trigger signal used

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