SmartView error messages

No nodes found...

Make sure that the 1394 cable is plugged and the

green camera power LED is on. Reload the Intek driver. If a camera cannot be found sporadically, the reason is usually a cable issue. Replace the 1394 cable and fasten it tightly. In the worst case,

the interface circuit of the camera is damaged and needs repair.

Error waiting for bus reset

A bus reset is not completed after plugging a device

or happens continuously. Usually, this is a hardware issue. Check the 1394 cable,

adapter card, or hub. In the worst case, the interface circuit of the camera is damaged.

Error creating WinDevice

The intek driver has not been properly released by another application. Reload the driver with SvcInst.exe.

The used FCTLMAIN.DLL is incompatible with the used driver

The version number of FireDrv.sys and FCTLMAIN.DLL

must mach at least at the first two digits. Repair the FirePackage installation

and load the current driver with SvcInst.exe.

Write error: No license

The license file could not be found or has no valid entry.

Enable logging for more details

Start SmartView with parameters from the command line or batch file to write an AVT_SmartView.log:

"AVT_SmartView.exe -i"

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