VimbaNET C# registering OnFeatureChanged and GigE Vision events

A GigE Vision event, e.g., "EventExposureEnd" is just a feature and can be notified as an OnFeatureChanged event.

// 1. Get all features
private Camera m_Camera;
FeatureCollection m_Features = m_Camera.Features;

// 2. Select the desired event
Feature feature = m_Features["EventSelector"];
feature.EnumValue = "ExposureEnd";

// 3. Enable the corresponding event notification
feature = m_Features["EventNotification"];
feature.EnumValue = "On";

// 4. Register the event observer for this event
feature = m_Features["EventExposureEnd"];
feature.OnFeatureChanged += new Feature.OnFeatureChangeHandler(FeatureChanged);

// 5. Implement the delegate for FeatureChanged event
private void FeatureChanged(Feature feature)

Please download the AsynchronousGrab_EventExposureEnd C# sample.
RegisterExposureEndEvent(), FeatureChanged(), and delegate FeatureChangedHandler are added to the VimbaHelper class to log a message for each EventExposureEnd:

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