Building the PvAPI v1.26 examples on MAC OS X Mavericks

It is possible to build and run PvAPI SDK v1.26 on MAC OS X Mavericks. The examples are configured to build from the command line using the supplied makefiles with gcc.


Install XCODE from the Apple Store.
You will need XCODE command line builds tools.
To add XCODE command line tools...
-From a terminal window, enter "xcode-select --install". An install GUI will pop up. To proceed, click "install".

Using XCODE command line, you have to modify the PvApi ARCH file:
Under "# compiler", remove the g++ version, so that "CC = g++".

-You can now cd into any specific example folder and run make.Optionally, select specific make labels.
#To compile and link only: make sample
#To copy the program to bin-pc folder: make install
#To remove prior builds from bin-pc folder: make clean




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