Bonito Demo Software - shifted images - asynchronous image halves (Bonito with more than 200 fps)

Sometimes the left and the right half of the image do not match each other. The longer the capturing, the more the images diverge.
This is caused by two unsynchronized frame grabbers, each grabbing one image half. If an image half is lost, two image halves from different times are matched. To enable synchronous image halves, activate a hardware frame counter overlay. Download and install DeviceConfig software:

  2. Start DeviceConfig.
  3. Double-click "Bonito Demo CL-400 / CMC-4000 Control".
  4. Select the tab 'Image Parameters'.
  5. In the 'Misc.' area, select the 'HW Frame Counter' checkbox.

Now the first pixels of each image are marked with a hardware frame counter. The format of the hardware frame counter is described in the Bonito Technical Manual, chapter "Metadata overlay and test image generator (U)".

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