Vimba Viewer - save as > 8 bits/pixel 16-bit RAW instead of BMP

With the Vimba Viewer, you can save images as BMP. In order to save images as RAW data, carry out the following steps:

  1. In the Vimba Viewer, go to "File" -> "Save Options...".
  2. Set "format" to .bin (which is a RAW format).
  3. Configure "Name" and "Destination Path" accordingly.
  4. Set "Number of Images" to 1 or other values greater than 1.
  5. Click "save image".

You can open the .bin file with the ImageJ tool:


  1. Open "ImageJ" and click on: File -> Import -> Raw...
  2. Select your .bin file
  3. Set the image type to 16-bit Unsigned
  4. Set the width and height
  5. Ensure that the checkbox "Little-endian byte order" is active
  6. Click OK to open the image

Additional steps for color camera images:


You need a plugin for ImageJ to debayer the RAW data generated from a color camera. To do this, you can download a "Debayer Image" plugin** from:


Clicking the link above downloads the plugin as a zip file. To install it, unzip the file and place the contents in your ImageJ "plugins" directory.


The following describes the debayering process after you have opened the image in ImageJ (as explained in steps 1-6 above):

  1. In ImageJ GUI, click Plugins --> Compile and Run...
  2. Select or Debayer_image.class file. from the plugins directory.
  3. In the Debayer... window, select your debayering options. Most importantly, select a correct "Order of first row" depending upon what pixel format was used to generate the RAW data from your camera. For example, if you used the BayerRG12 pixel format, you need to select R-G-R-G as the "Order of the first row". Click OK.
  4. You will be returned a grayscale RGB stack for your RAW data.
  5. While selecting the newly generated RGB stack, click Image --> Color -->Stack to RGB.
  6. Finally, you have your color image.


For your reference:

See section PixelFormat in our GigE Features Reference document.


**This plug-in was downloaded from a webpage byJennifer West, University of Manitoba



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