Camera or GigE speed too slow, StreamBytePerSecond not higher than 12,400,000 (100 Mbit/s)

You might be running in 10/100 speed mode (12,400,000Byte/s * 8 = 99.2 Mb/s) because of the following reasons:

(a) You are using only a 10/100 speed adapter.
(b) You are using only a 10/100 speed switch.
(c) The GigE cable is damaged. This is the most likely cause. Damaged cables almost always revert to 10/100 speed mode. All twisted pairs are used for data on GigE, whereas only one twisted pair is used for data on 10/100. Any damaged wire or pin on the GigE cable will make the computer think it is only 10/100 speed.

For GigE adaptor and/or switch selection see:

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