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Sony CCD discontinuation: Impacted camera models

Sony plans to phase out production of CCD sensors in two phases:

1. Short-term discontinuation: Sensor deliveries until 2020

Only two sensors used in Allied Vision's camera portfolio fall into this category: ICX692 and ICX693, impacting four camera models: Guppy PRO F-095, Mako G-050, Mako G-095 und Manta G-095.

These four camera models will be discontinued within 2015.
Customers impacted should contact their sales representative shortly to organize a smooth transition.

Allied Vision cameras - sensor availability until 2020

Family Model Sensor Sensor availability (Sony)
Guppy PRO F-095C ICX692 2020
Mako G-050B/C ICX693 2020
Mako G-095B/C ICX692 2020
Manta G-095B/C ICX692 2020

2. Long-term discontinuation: Sensor deliveries until 2026

All other Sony CCD sensors used in Allied Vision's camera portfolio fall into that category (see camera list below). Sony has committed to deliver these sensors up to 2026. If needed Allied Vision may even build inventory to be able to secure camera deliveries beyond that date.

However, as the wafer production will stop in 2017, camera manufacturers are required by Sony to submit a first estimation of their demand by August 2015 and a final demand forecast by March 2016. Please contact your Allied Vision sales representative as soon as possible if you anticipate large volume demand for your application in the long term so we can secure the necessary quantities for you.

Allied Vision cameras - sensor availability until 2026

Family Model Sensor Sensor availability (Sony)
Bigeye G-132B Cool ICX285 2026
Bigeye G-132B NIR Cool ICX285 2026
Bigeye G-283B Cool ICX674 2026
Guppy F-033B/C ICX424 2026
Guppy F-038B/C ICX418 2026
Guppy F-038B NIR ICX428 2026
Guppy F-044B/C ICX419 2026
Guppy F-044B/C NIR ICX429 2026
Guppy F-046B/C ICX415 2026
Guppy F-080B/C ICX204 2026
Guppy F-146B/C ICX267 2026
Guppy PRO F-031B/C ICX618 2026
Guppy PRO F-032B/C ICX424 2026
Guppy PRO F-033B/C ICX414 2026
Guppy PRO F-046B/C ICX415 2026
Guppy PRO F-125B/C ICX445 2026
Guppy PRO F-146B/C ICX267 2026
Guppy PRO F-201B/C ICX274 2026
Mako G G-032B/C ICX424 2026
Mako G G-125B/C ICX445 2026
Manta G-031B/C ICX618 2026
Manta G-032B/C ICX424 2026
Manta G-033B/C ICX414 2026
Manta G-046B/C ICX415 2026
Manta G-125B/C ICX445 2026
Manta G-145B/C ICX285 2026
Manta G-145B/C-30fps ICX285 2026
Manta G-145B NIR ICX285 2026
Manta G-146B/C ICX267 2026
Manta G-201B/C ICX274 2026
Manta G-201B/C-30fps ICX274 2026
Manta G-282B/C ICX687 2026
Manta G-283B/C ICX674 2026
Manta G-504B/C ICX655 2026
Manta G-505B/C ICX625 2026
Manta G-609B/C ICX694 2026
Manta G-917B/C ICX814 2026
Marlin F-033B/C ICX414 2026
Marlin F-046B/C ICX415 2026
Marlin F-080B/C ICX204 2026
Marlin F-080B/C-30fps ICX204 2026
Marlin F-145B/C-2 ICX205 2026
Marlin F-146B/C ICX267 2026
Marlin F-201B/C ICX274 2026
Pike F-145B/C ICX285 2026
Pike F-210B/C ICX274 2026
Pike F-505B/C ICX625 2026
Prosilica GB GB650 ICX424 2026
Prosilica GB GB660 ICX618 2026
Prosilica GB GB1380 ICX285 2026
Prosilica GB GB2450 ICX625 2026
Prosilica GC GC650 ICX424 2026
Prosilica GC GC655 ICX414 2026
Prosilica GC GC660 ICX618 2026
Prosilica GC GC780 ICX415 2026
Prosilica GC GC1020 ICX204 2026
Prosilica GC GC1290 ICX445 2026
Prosilica GC GC1350 ICX205 2026
Prosilica GC GC1350H ICX205 2026
Prosilica GC GC1380 ICX285 2026
Prosilica GC GC1380H ICX285 2026
Prosilica GC GC1600 ICX274 2026
Prosilica GC GC1600H ICX274 2026
Prosilica GC GC2450 ICX625 2026
Prosilica GS GS650 ICX424 2026
Prosilica GS GS660 ICX618 2026
Prosilica GS GS1380 ICX285 2026
Prosilica GS GS2450 ICX625 2026
Prosilica GT GT1290 ICX445 2026
Prosilica GT GT1380 ICX285 2026
Prosilica GT GT1600 ICX274 2026
Prosilica GT GT1920 ICX674 2026
Prosilica GT GT2450 ICX625 2026
Prosilica GT GT2750 ICX694 2026
Prosilica GT GT3400 ICX814 2026
Prosilica GX GX1920 ICX674 2026
Prosilica GX GX2750 ICX694 2026
Stingray F-033B/C ICX414 2026
Stingray F-046B/C ICX415 2026
Stingray F-080B/C ICX204 2026
Stingray F-125B/C ICX445 2026
Stingray F-145B/C ICX285 2026
Stingray F-145B/C-30fps ICX285 2026
Stingray F-146B/C ICX267 2026
Stingray F-201B/C ICX274 2026
Stingray F-504B/C ICX655 2026