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Will Allied Vision be able to deliver my Sony CCD-based cameras in the long term?

Yes. We will be able to source CCD sensors from Sony until 2026 for most models and 2020 for the less popular sensors. If needed, we can build inventory to deliver even beyond those dates so you can rely on Allied Vision as your trusted supplier of digital cameras with Sony CCD sensor technology.

However, if you need larger volumes over a long period of time, please contact your local sales representative so we can plan accordingly.

Do I need to place a firm order now to secure deliveries in the years to come?

If you need larger volumes in the long term, we strongly recommend that you place a frame order (also known as blanket order) for the camera models and the time frame you need. Allied Vision will take care to source the needed components according to you needs to ensure secure deliveries in the desired time frame.

This is particularly true for any OEM, private labeled or customized cameras.

What if I cannot forecast my volumes in the long term? Can I put an option on future volumes?

Yes. We are aware that it may not be possible for you to commit on an exact volume. Therefore, you may place a frame/blanket order for the quantities you are sure of and add an option on additional volumes. This will help us forecast our overall demand for Sony.

However, while we will do our best to cover your needs, we can only commit for the volumes we have a frame order on. Therefore, we recommend that you secure your sourcing as soon as you have more certainty by converting your option into an order.

Is it possible to place a frame/blanket order on sensors only (not on the complete camera)?

Allied Vision decided not to offer to place frame orders for sensors only as the life cycle of a product is not influenced by a sensor only. Please bear in mind that this only would secure the sourcing of the sensor and would not guarantee that the camera you have in mind will still be available at the time you want: it might be discontinued for other reasons (natural end of life, discontinuation of other key components, etc.).

Please discuss your needs with your sales representative. We will find an individual solution to secure your deliveries in the future.

What is your advice for customers that have used Sony CCD cameras from Allied Vision in the past?

If your system utilizes a camera with a Sony CCD, there is no immediate need to change the camera as most of the mentioned CCD sensors will be available until 2026. All you have to do is discuss your future needs with your Allied Vision sales representative to secure future deliveries. Please provide us your estimated long-term needs by February 2016 at the latest so we can submit a robust consolidated forecast to Sony.

However when selecting a product for a new application we would recommend to talk to our sales representatives to select the best camera for your needs. If CCD capability is still important for your application remember CCD sensors are still available from other companies like Onsemi (Truesense/Kodak) for example. Our experts will be happy to help you select the most suitable technology.

How does the Sony CCD discontinuation affect the life cycle of Allied Vision cameras?

Allied Vision observes continuously the commercial success of its product lines. Beside the commercial aspects material availability is a major aspect which has a significant influence on the life cycle of our products. This applies to CCD sensors but also to other components.

As of April 2015, no CCD camera model has been discontinued by Allied Vision as a result of Sony’s decision. Should it be the case, Allied Vision’s End of Life policy allows customers to place a last time buy order within 6 months after the discontinuation notification, followed by a last time shipment period of another 6 months at least.

In any case Allied Vision will stay in close contact with their customers to establish a smooth phase out and transition plan.