Allied Vision's SD card images

SD Card Image for Xavier NX

Additionally to the sources on GitHub and the precompiled kernel for all Jetson boards, we provide an SD card image for Xavier NX with JetPack 4.4 DP (L4T 32.4.2).


Download the SD card image


For sources and installation instructions, go to the GitHub repository:



How to get started with the SD card image

Download a ready-to-use SD card image


With the SD card image, you get a Jetpack image with a pre-installed CSI-2 driver.

To get started:

  1. Before installing the image on an SD card, decompress it with lzma <filename>
  2. Flash the image to the microSD card using balenaEtcher
  3. Insert the microSD card and boot your Jetson board
  4. Try out our examples at

SD Card Image for Wandboard

Our ready-to-use SD card image for Wandboard contains everything you need to explore your Alvium MIPI CSI-2 camera:

  • Preconfigured operating system including driver for Alvium MIPI CSI-2 cameras
  • qv4l2 viewer application
  • OpenCV
  • Code examples


The size of the SD card image is approximately 7 GB.


Download the ready-to-use SD card image for Wandboard

Application Note

Read the application note to set up your ARM board and optimize settings:

Setting up i.MX6 Boards for Alvium MIPI CSI-2 Cameras