Firmware and software for Bonito cameras

1. DeviceConfig

DeviceConfig is a tool for camera configuration via serial communication channel. The serial communication can be established via RS232 or via Serial-Over-Camera Link. Serial-Over-Camera Link requires a framegrabber with clser*.dll library.

DeviceConfig enables complete control of Bonito cameras.

Operating systems (32- and 64-bit):

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7



DeviceConfig V1.4.0, DeviceConfig User Guide


2. BonitoDemo

The BonitoDemo viewer application is made for customers who want to become quickly acquainted with Bonito cameras and their features.

Advantage especially for high-speed applications:
In fast operating mode, two framegrabbers are necessary to process independently the left and right half of the images.
In contrast to viewers of framegrabber SDKs, BonitoDemo can synchronize these two half images to one full image.

Supported framegrabbers:

  • Silicon Software microEnable IV AD4
  • Silicon Software microEnable IV VD4


  • Saves image sequences in several image formats
  • Image pre-processing/analyzing functions:
    • Background correction
    • Pixel correction
    • LUT control
    • Histogram
    • Statistics
    • ... and more

Operating systems:
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)



BonitoDemoV1.0.0, BonitoDemo User Guide