Guppy PRO: Ultra-compact Firewire (1394B) camera

Guppy PRO: Ultra-compact Firewire (1394b) camera

Thanks to their extremely compact, robust metal housing, Guppy PRO Firewire cameras can easily be integrated into any system. The Guppy PRO family has an excellent price/performance ratio, and a fast 1394b interface.

Features include:

  • IEEE 1394b interface
  • VGA to 5 Megapixels
  • Sony CCD sensors, ON Semi CMOS sensor
  • Optocoupled 12-pin I/Os
  • Ultra-compact housing


Guppy PRO Firewire (1394b) cameras are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications including machine vision and inspection, robotics, quality control, logistics, pharmaceutical industry, ITS/traffic monitoring, and applications with space constraints.



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