Prosilica GT high resolution cameras with ON Semi PYTHON CMOS sensors



The new large format ProsilicaGT4090, GT4096, and GT5120 are high resolution cameras featuring the new 12, 16, and 26 Megapixel ON Semi PYTHON CMOS sensors with In-pixel Correlated Double Sampling (IP-CDS) global shutter technology. They are ideal for anyone looking to switch over from CCD to CMOS sensors with similar resolutions and sensor sizes. Additional features include Allied Vision’s Fixed Pattern Noise Correction (FPNC), Defect Pixel Correction (DPC), and Trigger over Ethernet.


Prosilica GT large format cameras are designed to operate in extended temperature ranges and fluctuating lighting conditions. They are ideal for demanding applications requiring high resolution high quality images, and for anyone looking for more flexibility in lens options. The Prosilica GT large format cameras are available with F, EF, M42, and M58 lens mount options.


Besides the monochrome versions, the Prosilica GT4090, GT4096, and GT5120 are also available as NIR versions for increased sensitivity in the visible and near-infrared spectral range.

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Model Highlights

SensorON Semi PYTHON 12kON Semi PYTHON 16kON Semi PYTHON 25k
Resolution4096 (H) × 3072 (V)4096 (H) × 4096 (V)5120 (H) × 5120 (V)
Sensor SizeType 4/3Type APS-HType APS-H
Pixel Size4.5 µm x 4.5 µm4.5 µm x 4.5 µm4.5 µm x 4.5 µm
Frame Rate9.58 fps7.18 fps4.59 fps
ModelProsilica GT4090Prosilica GT4096Prosilica GT5120
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Trigger over Ethernet 

Trigger your Prosilica GT cameras over a network via their Power "Trigger" over Ethernet connection, and save all related configurations under the cameras' user set for added usability.

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Defect Pixel Correction


Defect Pixel Correction

Learn more on how you can mask and manage defective pixels using the Allied Vision Defective Pixel List Management Tool on your Prosilica GT4090, GT4096, and GT5120 cameras.

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Great Software

Choose between our free Vimba SDK for a unique combination of graphical user interface with a GenICam-based SDK, or connect to a third-party software of your choice. 

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