Manta Modular Machine Vision Cameras

Modular Machine Vision Cameras

Utilizing a modular and versatile concept, our new Manta models are the perfect choice for easy integration into your system. The Manta G-158 and G-040 are equipped with the Sony IMX273 and IMX287 CMOS sensors. Both camera models provide excellent image quality, and o­ffer an extended feature set.

Readily available modular options

Manta cameras are available with a selection of optional alternative designs and components for those machine vision applications where a standard machine vision camera cannot be used because, for example, of limited space, or because they require specific optics, or wavelengths to image. Because these modifications have already been thought of, it means they are available at competitive prices and within short lead times.


Manta modular options include:

  • Lens mounts (C, CS, M12)
  • Angled-head housing (W90, W90 S90, W270, and W270 S90)
  • Board-level
  • Housing design (e.g. white housing for medical cameras)
  • Optical filters
  • Sensor surface options


Learn more about the Manta modular concept

Download your free copy of the Manta Modular Concept brochure today to see what options are available, and for what models.

Manta Modular Concept Brochure Download