• Case Study: Alvium 1800 C camera in Wahtari’s flexible ALPR system

    Read how our Alvium 1800 CSI-2 cameras are used for license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) in Wahtari's nCam.

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  • ITS goes embedded. Go with us!

    Get the best vision solution for your Traffic Enforcement System with our Alvium 1800 USB and CSI-2 camera series and our partners.

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Allied Vision's Embedded Vision cameras - Best vision performance for road safety

With our Alvium 1800 USB and CSI-2 camera series we provide reliable high-performance embedded vision cameras for a wide range of traffic enforcement systems, such as license plate recognition (ALPR), speed cameras, red-light cameras and more. These systems will benefit from our latest sensor technology, superior image quality and overall high performance in challenging traffic environments and varying lighting conditions.


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Reliable and accurate camera performance

With our rugged designed embedded vision cameras, you get access to the latest high-performance global shutter CMOS sensors offering the reliability and precision you need.


Our cameras deliver evidential image quality needed for highest ANPR/ALPR performance as well as for evidence in court. In addition, our triggering function provides the precise camera control you need for your video enforcement system.

ITS application example: Alvium 1800 C camera in Wahtari’s nCam

Free Case Study

With a variety of different ITS applications, such as license plate recognition, parking systems, and toll controls, it is important that the respective ITS system can be developed in a short time and at low cost. In addition, a traffic control system must meet the highest requirements for precision and speed.


Learn in this Case Study how our Alvium 1800 C camera series perfectly meets these requirements and why our camera series is the best choice for traffic enforcement systems.

Focused on the future with our embedded ecosystem

By working with the most innovative partners specializing in embedded vision, we provide the easiest hardware and software system integration, reducing your integration efforts. We help you migrate quickly and easily from your current vision solution to powerful and reliable AI-enabled systems in embedded vision that offer the best performance to meet all your needs of your traffic enforcement system.

Unsure if our offering fits your ITS application? Read now in our Case Study how our Alvium 1800 C camera series is used for license plate recognition in Wahtari's nCam.

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