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High-end industrial embedded vision

Allied Vision is an official NVIDIA Preferred Partner and a proud member of the Jetson Ecosystem. Allied Vision has partnered with NVIDIA to make industrial computer vision cameras and their benefits accessible to Jetson-based system designers.

The broad camera portfolio covers a wide range of different interfaces:



Supported Jetson developer kits and production modules

Start Integrating NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin™ NOW

The driver beta version for JetPack 5.0.1 DP fully supports AGX Orin™ so you can start integrating with Allied Vision CSI-2 cameras now.

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The NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin™ module is available in 32GB or 64GB. The 32GB version provides up to 200 TOPS of AI performance with configurable power consumption between 15 and 40W. In contrast, the 64GB version delivers up to 275 TOPS of AI performance with configurable power consumption between 15W and 60W. This gives you more than 6x the performance (32GB) or even more than 8x the performance (64GB) of the Jetson AGX Xavier in the same compact form factor for robotics and other autonomous machine applications.

Alvium CSI-2 cameras

The powerful Alvium 1800 C MIPI CSI-2 camera series gives embedded system developers access to Sony’s high-performance image sensors popular in the machine vision industry. These sensors with resolutions up to 25 megapixels deliver excellent image quality and up to twice the frame rates compared to similar Alvium 1500 C models.

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Alvium Camera Kit
for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit and Jetson Nano Dev Kit

Tailored for the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit and Jetson Nano Developer Kit, Allied Vision offers an Alvium Camera Kit, including everything needed to start prototyping. 

Alvium Camera Kit


One driver fits all: enjoy the flexibility!






Open-source MIPI CSI-2 drivers for NVIDIA® Jetson™

Don't waste time on driver development: download, install, and get started! 
To help you with a quick and easy start, Allied Vision provides open-source MIPI CSI-2 drivers for NVIDIA Jetson Nano (4GB and 2 GB), Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2 NX, Jetson AGX Xavier, and Jetson Xavier NX with NVIDIA JetPack SDK version 4.6.1 (L4T 32.7.1)  and AGX Orin™ with Beta for JetPack 5.0.1 (L4T 34.1.1)  on our GitHub page.

The driver supports all current and future Alvium camera models with MIPI CSI-2 interface, regardless of the image sensor. That means that you only need one driver for your NVIDIA platform, regardless of the sensor resolution you choose. You can prototype with various camera models using the same driver or easily upgrade your system with another sensor later – even if this sensor is not yet released! Any Alvium MIPI CSI-2 camera will run on your system with the same driver.

FPD-Link III and GMSL2 for Alvium Cameras

Based on the Alvium MIPI CSI-2 cameras Allied Vision now also offers Alvium cameras with FPD Link III or GMSL2. With an additional PCB including the Serializer Chip the Alvium FP3 and GM2 cameras enable long cable solutions of up to 15 meters. All camera features can be used, so it works exactly the same as the standard Alvium MIPI CSI-2 via V4L2. Additionally, there is the de-serializer adapter board available which connects to the embedded board. You can also use a carrier board from one of our eco system partners who already have the de-serializer onboard.

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The cameras will be available in different housing variants: open housing, closed housing or IP67 housing. 
The open housing version is ready for prototyping upon your request.
To find out more get in contact with our experts.

Alvium USB3 Vision cameras

Alvium 1800 U is your entry into high-performance imaging with ALVIUM® Technology for industrial applications. Equipped with the newest generation of sensors, these small and lightweight cameras deliver high image quality and frame rates at the best price-performance ratio. With its USB3 Vision compliant interface and industrial-grade hardware, it is your workhorse for different machine vision applications whether it is on a PC-based or an embedded system.

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GigE Vision cameras

Manta - Versatility at its best

Manta is Allied Vision’s most versatile GigE Vision camera series. It provides the largest choice of image sensors and its advanced feature set simplifies the setup of multi-camera applications. With its modular hardware concept, Manta offers nearly endless configuration possibilities to adapt the camera to your application.

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Prosilica GT - Robust design for high-end vision

The rugged housing optimized for heat dissipation makes Prosilica GT the ideal solution for harsh environments. The various lens control options allow constant adjustment of the image brightness to changing light conditions. Offering resolutions of up to 31 megapixels, they are ideal for high-definition imaging applications with demanding requirements of robustness and design-in flexibility.

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Software Development Kit Vimba

Vimba is Allied Vision's SDK for GigE Vision, IEEE1394, USB3 Vision, and Camera Link cameras.
The platform-independent software suite runs on Windows, Linux, and Linux for ARM.

  • Acquire images and explore camera features without programming.
  • Program your vision applications with C, C++, .NET or Python APIs.
  • Connect to third-party libraries and frameworks.

Easy integration with Allied Vision accessories

Allied Vision provides adapter boards to convert the MIPI CSI-2 pinning of Alvium cameras to NVIDIA Jetson TX2, AGX Xavier, and Nano development kits. Our driver and adapter board for Jetson TX2 support using 2 Alvium CSI-2 cameras at the same time without additional configuration. For quick and easy camera evaluation, we provide code examples on GitHub.

Also check out our CSI-2 and screw-locked USB cables as well as our comprehensive selection of lenses for your Alvium camera. Our experts are here to help you choose the most appropriate optics for your application. Contact us for advice!