High-resolution cameras for demanding applications

Prosilica GT – Reliable performance in challenging environments

The rugged housing optimized for heat dissipation makes Prosilica GT the ideal solution for harsh environments. The various lens control options allow constant adjustment of the image brightness to changing light conditions. Offering resolutions of up to 31 megapixels, they are ideal for high-definition imaging applications with demanding requirements of robustness and design-in flexibility.

Benefits at a glance


Prosilica GT is a robust, fan-less, passive cooled camera. Benefit from a high imaging performance!

  • Robust fan-less, passive cooled housing: ideal for harsh environments with extreme temperature variations
  • Lens control functions: adjusts to constantly changing light conditions
  • Easy system integration: Power over Ethernet (PoE), IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), and Trigger over Ethernet (ToE)
  • High-imaging performance: CCD and the latest CMOS sensors
  • Control functions: comprehensive I/O functionality including an RS232 bus for eased communication with external devices
  • Temperature monitoring: on the main board and sensor board to supervise proper camera operation 


              • Resolutions: up to 31 megapixels 
              • Sensor: CCD and CMOS global shutter sensors from Sony, ON Semi, and CMOSIS/ams
              • Frame rates: up to 53 frames per second
              • Housing options: Rugged design for extreme environments
              • Lens mount options: Depending on the camera model, eight different mounts are available, from CS-Mount to TFL-Mount including planarity adjusted mount options
              • Image colors: Monochrome, color, and near-infrared (NIR)

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              Various lens mount options to support a wide array of lenses



              From all Gigabit Ethernet cameras, Prosilica GT is our flagship for high-performance imaging under harsh operating conditions.

              Beyond the precision machined 6061 aluminum housing, anodized coating, and rugged fan-less deisgn, this premium camera series is available with a wide ramge of lens mounts to accomodate all the popular lenses used in most machine vision applications. No additional adapter is required. All lens mounts are designed in-house and are tested for vibration and shock along with camera electronics. Sensors are precisely aligned in the camera and we offer planarity adjusted mounts for applications requiring a higher degree of sensor alignment.

              The right accessories for every application


              The Prosilica GT camera series can be equipped with several accessories. Click the button below to see compatible lenses, interface and I/O connections, and tripod adapters.


                          Cables with different length and shielding class

                          Mains power adapter for worldwide use

                          Adapts between metric and imperial threads

              Perfectly connected – thanks to powerful software


              Have you heard of Vimba, our future-proof and platform independent SDK (software development kit)? Thanks to our in-house software you can easily integrate our cameras into any system and manage them centrally.Vimba runs on Windows, Linux, and Linux for ARM. With Vimba, you can acquire images and control your Allied Vision camera instantly, program complex vision applications or connect to third-party libraries.


              Discover Vimba